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Simone Santagati DJ, producer, was born in Catania and graduated from the University of Catania in the degree course L-21 Planning and Protection of the Territory and Landscape.

A multifaceted artist, he is already interested in music at the age of 10, listening to different currents mainly of electronics. His eclectic sound ranges from transcendental melodic techno to today’s electronic house, in his Dj Sets there is always a good dose of passionate vocals with sweet and deep overtones.

His musical journey begins with the first private parties and evenings in the nightclubs of Catania. In fact, from 2010 to 2015 he played in the best clubs, organizing and promoting the events themselves. From 2015 to 2021 (ongoing) he performs and collaborates with Whit Love, the great Saturday organization at Afrobar and Industrie in Catania.

In 2019 Simone Santagati opens the record label Transcendence Records owned by him, where he publishes a first unreleased Ep (Galaxy Ep) with the flagship single Fuori Negativa, Dentro Positiva.

CEO of Transcendence, Simone Santagati together with his colleague Dj Ian Carpenter created the “Efìmera” project, a format focused on the enhancement of the territory through electronic music.

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